About Us

  • Would you love to swim effortlessly and feel confident in the water?
  • Do you wish you could float around in the pool without a care in the world?
  • Do you dream of going on holiday and swimming in the sea, scuba diving or snorkelling perhaps?

We're Here To Help You

At Swim Now we advocate swimming as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to reduce the number of people with water phobia and encourage swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Carolyn Macdonald, Class Teacher

“I’ve never felt so comfortable in the water, swimming really helps me relax and unwind after a busy day. My coach has a calm, gentle and patient approach”

So, Why Choose Swim Now?


We're passionate about swimming.

We love meeting people who want to learn the different strokes, it's an amazing feeling, helping someone achieve a lifelong goal.


We're commited and determined.

You may be reading this thinking "swimming sounds great, but I'll never be able to do that". We guarantee, we'll keep working with you until you feel comfortable in the water.


We know what works.

We are an experienced team, we have a clear process that gets fast effective results. We have a step by step approach which gives fast effective results


Our service is tailored to you

We understand that everyone is different that's why we designed individual plans, tailored to our clients specific goals.

"We pride ourselves on giving an excellent all-round service to our clients. Our personal approach and tailored programmes is the key to our success. " Laurence Mills - Stroke Improvement Coach

A Little Bit About Our Team

Our friendly, professional team can help you feel at home in the water no matter your starting level. We instil a level of water confidence that will make you feel completely safe in any situation.

Our Fantastic Pools

Our pools are uncrowded, the best conditions for relaxing and learning to swim. Some great little ‘extras’ such as complimentary towel service, jacuzzi and sauna are all part of our 5-star service.

Our Mission

Swim Now existis to help people achieve their swimming goals. We provide a safe enviroment, where it’s okay to feel embarrassed at times, where you can learn at your own pace and enjoy swimming.

Alistair Mills, Founder – Swim Now

"There's no better feeling than helping someone achieve a lifelong goal. We teach good technique, give simple instructions and specialise in getting results. We guarantee we'll work with each and every client until they feel totally comfortable in the water"

We work closely with every client to ensure all goals and targets are achieved.

Any questions about swimming lessons. Would you like to chat?

We look forward to hearing from you!