Adult Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

At Swim Now we understand that everyone is different, some people want to float around the pool on holiday whilst others want to go scuba diving or compete in a triathlon. Whatever your goals and targets and targets are, we can create the perfect plan for you. Our teachers are vastly experienced and have taught people with varying ability levels, so whatever your starting point, don't worry, your in safe hands, it's where your going that really counts. If you're in search of 1-1 swimming lessons for adults, start right here.

 Some Common Swimming Goals

  • Overcoming Water Phobia
  • Improving Water Confidence
  • Learning To Swim For Holiday
  • Improving Fitness Levels
  • Learning a New Stroke
  • Weight Management
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Competing in a Triathlon
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Here’s a few examples of programmes we’ve created for our clients.

Water Confidence

Swimming can be daunting, especially if you've have had a bad experience in the past. We specialise in lessons for complete beginners and nervous swimmers. The aim is to build water confidence first through floating and relaxation, before moving onto skills like, breathing, treading water and eventually confident swimming.

About Water Phobia

Water phobia usually comes from:

  • Never having had lessons at school
  • A bad past experience
  • General fear of  the water

Water phobia can have a real impact on holidays and spoil trips to the beach and pool if not confronted.

Our Approach

The first lessons are spent building water confidence, each person develops at different speeds, so we adjust the exercises accordingly and aim to progress step by step. There's no rush as we learn at your pace.

Holiday Swimmer

Many people simply want  to float around in the swimming pool without worry. We teach the basics of floating, treading water and swimming comfortably, gliding through the water with a slow relaxed style is a great feeling. We can advance the programme in preperation for activities such as snorkelling, jet-skiing, scuba diving, jumping off boats into deep water and more.

Learn to Swim

Do you dream of being a confident swimmer? If you’re thinking, “I do, but I’m not sure If I could” believe us, it’s possible! Once you’re in the water you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

How you will learn?

We cover a wide range of skills including floating and treading water. We focus on correct body and head position through specific practices. By the end of the course we aim for confident swimming on both front and back. Once you can swim comfortably we can help you develop your technique further.

Stroke Improvement

Can you swim a bit, but get exhausted after 1 or 2 lengths? Do you feel that your stroke is inefficient? It’s probably due to poor technique.

Just a few lessons…

We start with stroke analysis (we see what you can or can’t do). We break the stroke down into its individual elements and correct technique in each area. Then we put all the pieces back together again and have you swimming like a fish.

Fitness/Weight Management

Choosing an activity to keep you fit and healthy all year round can be tricky. Running is tough on your joints and cycling on the road can often be weather permitting.

Swim your way to a healthy lifestyle...

Swimming is the ultimate exercise for health and vitality, it helps improve blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It essentially keeps you healthier and happier for longer, just a few reasons why more people choose swimming as their go-to hobby.

Injury Rehab

During swimming the muscles become very warm, the water offers buoyancy and reduces impact on the bones and joints. Swimming involves a full range of motion which stretches the muscles and improves overall flexibility. This alone can reduce the risk of injury and prevent muscle and joint problems.

Back Problems?

Back problems are becoming more frequent, especially later in life. Swimming encourages correct posture, strengthens the core muscles and reduces pain from back injuries.


Are you’re thinking about a triathlon or maybe an open water challenge? It helps to have an experienced coach in your corner to prepare well.

Distance swimming…

The aim is efficency, minimising resistance and maximising propulsion. We strike a between technique drills and fitness training, with the aim of building a well-balanced, highly efficient stroke. We use video analysis to give feedback.