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How Long Does it Actually Take to Learn to Swim?

Want to learn how to swim but not how long it will take? Here we break down different scenarios so you can get the best estimate. One of the most common questions we get as teachers is - “How long does it take to learn to swim?” - To which we always give the short (and rather unsatisfying) answer: it... continue reading

Covid-19: Statements & Updates

Swim Now Update: 31st July 2020. This update is about the recent developments in the swimming industry and how they affect Swim Now. We've followed guidance from our governing bodies to produce our safe return to the pool document, which...continue reading

Shoulder Workout for Swimmers

At Swim Now we've been producing a daily video to encourage activity and keep motivation strong through a difficult period. In today's instalment we switch the focus from core strength to shoulder workout for swimmers. Coach Laurence shows us five...continue reading

Front Crawl Breathing

Front Crawl Breathing

Front crawl breathing is one of the most challenging swimming skills to master and correct breathing technique is a hot topic for discussion as many different styles work. Let's start by watching the full stroke in action so we can...continue reading