Is it ever too late to learn to swim?

The answer: “Never!” According to the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) up to 9 million people in England over 14 years of age, have never learnt to swim. Recent statistics show there is a great desire for people to learn to swim. Yet! There are many factors that still discourage them from learning. What are the factors, that stop might be... continue reading

Swimming Butterfly – Part 1

How to fly like Phelps! Butterfly is known amongst swimmers as being notoriously hard. Whilst learning and perfecting the technique may seem gruelling, the rewards are worth it. Not only is butterfly the second fastest stroke, when swam correctly, it...continue reading

Front Crawl Breathing

Front crawl breathing is possibly the most challenging part of learning to swim; it's often a hot topic for discussion with many different opinions on what works, and what doesn't. Do you struggle with breathing and get exhausted after a...continue reading

The Breaststroke Blueprint

Breaststroke is often thought of as one for the seniors, the image of the elderly lady gliding elegantly over the top of the water so not to discolour her blue rinse. In reality, this is a long way from the...continue reading

Learning To Swim: Mastering The Basics

For many people, learning to swim can be one of life’s annoying little challenges. Most non-swimmers fall into one of these three categories. Which one applies to you? Had school swimming lessons a child but never quite grasped the correct...continue reading