(Suitable for ages 3+)

One-to-one tuition

Private tuition is by far the best way to learn – your child get’s the undivided attention of their swimming teacher, rather than struggling for attention in a large group. Whether your child is a complete beginner or a keen swimmer, we focus on getting the basics right and instilling the correct technique.

About our lessons…

We start with an initial assessment lesson, this is a chance for the teacher and child to meet. The objective of the assessment lesson is to get an idea of your child’s ability so we can advise a suitable programme. We teach the basic principles of swimming, like floating and relaxation. We aim to give each child the confidence to develop further by keeping the lessons challenging and fun.

Two-to-one tuition

If you have two children of a similar ability, we can design a program to help both children progress together. Get the benefits of private tuition and split the cost between two children.

Unsure of your child’s ability level?

Book an assessment lesson today and our teachers will assess your child. We have both male and female teachers, if you have a preference please let us know.

Intensive crash courses

Swimming crash courses are a great way for your child to progress quickly, and get over any sticking points. If your child is a non-swimmer, a few lessons in a short space of time can really improve water confidence. You’ll may be surprised at how quickly your child progresses.