Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's your style of teaching?

A: We take a completely personalised approach. We develop a customised programme based on each client's individual needs. We focus on getting excellent results and advocate swimming as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Q: I'm unsure of my ability level, where should I start?

A: Book an assessment lesson, our teachers will help you decide.

Q: I want to learn to swim from scratch, how many lessons will it take me?

A: Everybodys different so it's hard to say. We usually advise a 12-lesson programme for beginners, enough to build a good level of water confidence.

Q: Do you offer 2-1 adult swimming lessons?

A: Yes, if both people's ability levels are somewhat similar, you can share the cost between 2 people. An extra charge of approximately 10% is applied to cover the cost of the second person. Prices are available on request.

Q: Can I choose a male or female teacher?

A: We do have both male and female teachers at different locations, if you have a preference please let us know, we will do our best to accomodate your request.

Q: What are your swimming pools like?

The majority of our pools are in 4 & 5-star hotels. Which makes them semi-private to us. We cant guarantee complete exclusivity but the pools are usually quiet and uncrowded, which is perfect for learning. We advise off-peak appointments for those who like privacy. The standard depth is 1.2m, which is deep enough to practice treading water and also shallow enough that you can stand up if you need to.

Q: Do you provide intensive crash courses?

A: Yes we do. Swimming crash courses are a great way to progress quickly and get over any sticking points. Lots of lessons in a short space of time often can improve results, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can progress.

Q: Can I learn to swim in a week?

A: It's possible. Your teacher can make an estimation in the initial assessment lesson, then tailor a week's crash course to suit your goals.

Q: Do you do lessons for children?

A: Yes – please see the children's programme section for details.

Q: We have your own swimming pool can you come to us?

A: Home tuition is something we can consider; a telephone consultation is required to discuss availability and logistics.

Q: Do I need goggles/which should i buy?

A: Yes, you will need your own swimming goggles. We sell goggles at our venues if can't pick some up before the lesson.