8 Reasons Why You Should Be Having Private Swimming Lessons

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Swimming is a life skill that can bring you greater safety, buckets of enjoyment and years of better health. And as any swimmer will tell you, once you get into it, it’s incredibly hard to stop.

But there’s a problem – learning to swim, or improving your swimming can be pretty challenging.

We get people coming to us all the time asking “What’s the best way to learn how to swim?

And the answer we give is always the same: Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons make learning swimming easier – they’re more efficient, allow for better feedback and produce remarkable results when compared to group lessons or going it alone.

In this article we’ll explore the top eight reasons why private swim lessons are the ultimate way to whip your strokes into shape.

Let’s get to it!

1. Optimise Your Technique

Most people think that to become a better swimmer all they have to do is rack up more lengths.

But in swimming, quality always trumps quantity. It’s more about the way you’re performing your strokes rather than how many you’re doing.

That’s because swimming is all about efficiency. We’ve seen swimmers plow away for months in an attempt to increase their swimming fitness.

And sure, they might get 1-2% better. But if they’d put the same effort into honing their technique, we bet they could have knocked a full 2 minutes off their triathlon swim time.

Private swimming lessons allow you to master your technique because they give you more opportunities for feedback.

When you have a coach’s attention solely focused on correcting and optimising your stroke, you’re able to iron out any ingrained bad-habits with personalised coaching points.

One-to-one lessons ensure that reaching your full potential won’t be hampered by sub-par technique further down the line.

Optimise Your Technique

2. Get Better Value For Money

There’s no denying that private swimming lessons are more expensive than group lessons. With all of the same overheads in terms of teaching and pool running costs, that’s not surprising.

However, what many people don’t consider is that while more expensive, private swimming lessons usually represent better value for money.

Why? Well, it’s simple mathematics – if you join a group swimming lesson with just three other people, you’ll be getting roughly 25% of the attention that you would be getting in a one-to-one set-up.

So, that means that the price per minute of attention could be significantly higher in group lessons than in private lessons. Especially if your class has 3 or more participants.

Private swim lessons might seem expensive upfront, but when you understand what you’re getting, they pretty much always make the most financial sense.

3. Progress Faster

As mentioned above, group lessons require that the teacher divide their attention evenly between a number of swimmers.

This means that in a class of four, it’ll take you four times longer to receive the same amount of constructive feedback as you’d get during a single private lesson.

In real terms, if you sign-up for a course of private swim lessons over six weeks, it would theoretically take you 24 weeks to get to the same point with group classes.

If you’re thinking about going it alone and teaching yourself, then you’re likely in for an even tougher time.

We’ve seen countless numbers of swimmers who’ve taught themselves bad habits that take hours of targeted coaching to undo.

In short, the fastest route to becoming a competent and effortless swimmer is through one-to-one lessons. Sure, group classes can get you there too, but be prepared for much slower rates of progress.

Progress Faster

4. Benefit From Tailored Learning

Do you remember sitting in school, struggling to stay awake while the teacher droned on about something that was painfully uninteresting?

Well, then you understand the joys of generic learning. In groups, educational content is made up of general concepts that can be applied to everyone.

The problem with swimming is that each swimmer has their own unique discrepancies. That means you might have to spend 30 minutes practicing body-line drills when your body-line is already perfect.

Skilled teachers can, of course, adapt to each swimmer in some capacity, but nothing compares to having a private lesson where a teacher can assess and address your individual faults without distraction.

Additionally, one-to-one lessons allow your instructor to tailor their lessons to your learning style so you can better absorb and retain the information you need. Both you and your teacher benefit from a more focused, more personalised and distraction-free learning environment.

5. Fit Learning Around Your Schedule

Most of us are so busy these days that we keep putting the things we’d like to do off for another time. We say stuff like “oh when the kids are grown up” or “once I’m finished this project at work I’ll start”.

But the truth is, it’s usually not more time that you need, just more flexibility. That’s why private swimming lessons are great. They allow you to plan your swimming around your life, rather than the other way around.

If life gets in the way and you can’t make a lesson, private classes don’t go on without you. You can rest assured that you won’t miss any fundamental concepts and get the most rounded education possible.

One-to-one lessons let you simply pick up where you left off last time and so guarantee steady and efficient progress without disturbing your current schedule.

Fit Learning Around Your Schedule

6. Build Greater Confidence

Alot of people’s number one fear is the fear of public speaking. That’s because it’s natural to be afraid of looking like a fool in front of a group of people.

The same fear exists in learning environments – we are scared of doing things wrong or asking stupid questions when we have a ready audience hanging on our every word.

Private swim lessons eliminate this fear of judgment by removing other peoples from the equation, which creates a much more effective learning dynamic where you are free to experiment and ask questions as they arise.

Furthermore, if you have a fear of actually getting in the water (which is also totally normal) then one to one lessons provide a safe and professional setting where you can gain confidence without worrying about the glare of onlookers.

Working one-to-one with an experienced coach to overcome anxieties surrounding water and gain real confidence has been genuinely life changing for hundreds of our students.

7. Greater Accountability

So many of us start out with the intention of becoming better swimmers. But once life gets a bit hectic it’s awfully easy to relegate time in the pool to the bottom of our to-do list.

That’s a shame because consistency is one of the keys to becoming a better swimmer. But this is where private lessons can help. When working one-on-one with a coach you’ll have somebody who’s there to keep you on track, motivate you and keep you accountable.

In addition, the financial commitment also makes it much more likely that you’ll follow through on your initial goals. Once you’ve got money on the line and somebody waiting for you, you’ll start to find reasons why you can go, rather than why you can’t.

Greater Accountability

8. Greater Long-term Success

Swimming is a sport for life. It’s something you can enjoy from age four up to age ninety-four (and beyond!).

That’s why it’s important to get the fundamentals absolutely right. Private lessons are the best way to give you the foundation for success.

By teaching proper technique, in the proper way, you’ll find yourself swimming for longer, with less effort and fewer injuries for years to come.

If you’re planning on having swimming as a companion for your whole life, it’s worth investing in one-to-one lessons to set you up for long-term success.

We offer a private swimming lessons across the country and there has never been a better time to start!

by Alistair Mills

In 2016 I saw an opportunity for a new swimming company that did things a little bit differently and here we are almost 4 years later, having built a family of teachers and clients that we are all really proud of.

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