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An Expert Guide to Swimming Pools in Liverpool

Whether you are a professional-level swimmer or a novice, Liverpool is an excellent city to swim in. According to Sports Facilities, it has 69 pools to choose from, so you can find a pool to fit any need you might have. The pools are spread across the entire city with pools like Harbour Health and Fitness Club and Ark Health Club located on the waterfront, and Meadows Leisure Centre sitting on the outskirts. They range from Olympic standard pools to small leisure centre pools and come with differing entrance policies.

Read this article for a comprehensive guide to the most significant pools in Liverpool within 6 miles of the city centre. This guide does not include pools such as Peter Lloyd Leisure Centre that are still closed because of COVID. We start with the pools closest to the centre. Read on to learn which pool is going to be right for you.

Radisson Blu ARK Health Club

ARK Health Club is a gym and pool that can be found in the heart of the city centre. You can attend with a day pass or a membership – we also offer 1-to-1 private swimming tuition here.

Unless you need a pool right next to work, you may need to consider another pool listed in this article. The pool is just 12 metres, and by many accounts is in need of some care. It does however have a whirlpool that will relax your muscles after a hard workout.

Momentum Leisure

Momentum Leisure is a pool and gym facility close to the city centre. The pool area is better for a warm soak after your workout rather than for a workout , as it is joined by a sauna, steam room, and a Jacuzzi.

You can check out the pool at Momentum Leisure a mile east of the city centre. Remember to book ahead with a day pass for £4.50.  

Lifestyles Everton Park

Lifestyles Everton Park has a 25m pool which is warm at 29 degrees, and it has a spectator capacity of 400 for competitions.

This pool is currently under refurbishment and has reduced opening hours. The gym is closed for the time being, and the pool is closed on Saturdays. Head over to their website for more information.

University of Liverpool Sports Centre

You don’t have to be a student to use the facilities at the university’s sports centre. Membership costs £37 a month and comes with access to excellent gym equipment and a 33m heated pool.

If you want a pool with a competitive atmosphere and top-quality gym equipment, then you can find this pool 1.3 miles from the city centre.

Lifestyles Park Road

Lifestyles Park Road is equipped with what they refer to as a “Large Pool” and a “Small Pool”. Both are warm with an average temperature of 30 and 31 degrees. The former holds classes such as aquafit.

You can also find a gymnastics hall here. With a host of equipment, foam pits, and crash mats, the hall is the perfect safe place for your children to learn.

You can find Lifestyles Park Road 1.9 miles to the South East of the city centre.

Europa Pools Leisure Centre

Europa Pools is the best pool across the River Mersey in Birkenhead. They run family sessions for just £15.75, as well as adults-only lane swimming sessions. All swimming currently has to be booked 5 days in advance.

Located 2.3 miles from the city centre, Europa Pools has good accessibility with a pool hoist and a gym with inclusive equipment.

Nuffield Health Liverpool Fitness and Wellbeing Gym

Nuffield Health is an excellent gym that also holds a fairly small 25m pool. It is ideal for beginner swimmers with easily bookable swimming lessons for adults and children. With Nuffield Health, you can be taught by qualified instructors alone or in a small class. These lessons are available to members and non-members alike and are tailored for any ability.

You can find Nuffield Health 2.5 miles from the city centre off of Sefton Street.

Liverpool Aquatics Centre

Liverpool Aquatics Centre is the perfect pool for the serious swimmer. It features a 50m Olympic-sized pool and a 20m pool, with some sessions featuring only the shallow half of the 50m pool. This pool sits alongside a well-equipped gym so that you can work on your fitness outside of the pool as well.

Liverpool Aquatics Centre can be found 3 miles from the city centre in Wavertree Sports Park and is accessible only to members.

Lifestyles Alsop

Another pool owned and operated by Lifestyles is Lifestyles Alsop in Walton Village. It has a heated 25m pool alongside a gym, sports hall, and sauna.

Located 3 miles from the city centre, it is a pool with fantastic accessibility. For disabled customers, Lifestyles Alsop has pool hoists and accessible fitness equipment.

Bootle Leisure Centre

Bootle Leisure Centre is the perfect mix of fitness and leisure. If you want to improve your swimming, it has a 25m pool with lanes. If you have a young family, then the leisure pool with a slide may be perfect for you.

Look for Bootle Leisure Centre 3.5 miles north of the city centre. As of the 16th August, they have stopped their COVID precautions, so you won’t have to book to swim.

Lifestyles Ellergreen

Lifestyles Ellergreen is a little far out of town at 4.3 miles, but it has good facilities and may be worth the trip, especially if you have young children.

The facility houses a 25m pool as well as a shallow “Learner Pool”, perfect for getting your little ones into swimming. The pools have public swim sessions throughout the day that are open to all members.

Lifestyles Garston

Another pool on the outskirts of Liverpool is Lifestyles Garston located all the way in Garston to the South East of the city centre.

It holds a 25m pool and a small learner small. But most excitingly for your children, is that they can use the slide going into the larger pool.

Get Fit After Lockdown

With sanitised chlorinated water, swimming is one of the safest sports if you are worried about the risk of COVID-19. Studies have found that swimming pool water destroys the virus in just 30 seconds, making the chance of catching COVID while swimming very low. Of course, this does not apply in the changing rooms and it is still sensible to wear your mask while out of the pool.

With this in mind, swimming is now one of the safest ways you can get your fitness back to your pre-lockdown normal.

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