Where Can I Find Intensive Swimming Lessons Near Me?

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Put your hand up if you’ve made great progress with your swimming training once every two weeks?

Hand not raised? We thought so.

Because the reality is that the best way to get better at swimming (or any skill for that matter) is practising it intensively. Unfortunately, a couple of times a month simply won’t cut it.

So, if you’re ready to get serious about your swimming and you are thinking “how can I find intensive swimming lessons near me?” – you’re in the right place.

Because today we’re going to explain the benefits of intensive swimming lessons and show you how to find a reputable provider that’ll get you the results you’re looking for.

Ready? Take your marks. Go!

The Benefits of Intensive Swimming Lessons

Intensive swimming lessons offer a number of key benefits over traditional swimming lessons. Let’s explore 3 reasons why they’re the right choice for you.

1. More Consistency in the Learning Process

Have you ever been watching a series on the telly, only to totally forget what happened the week before?

No, you’re not having memory problems – it’s just that our brains didn’t evolve to hold detailed information for more than a couple of hours.

Learning how to swim works the same way. By taking your lessons closer together, you’ll better retain information (both in your head & in muscle memory) and enjoy faster progress.

Plus, it helps your coach too – when there’s less time between sessions they can put your strokes under the microscope and give you the feedback you need to improve.

2. They Make You More Confident In The Water

Remember the first time you got up in front of a crowd to speak?

Oh. My. Mother. Of. Terrifying.

But after a couple of speeches, while still a little scary, public speaking becomes way easier right? And as your confidence grows, so does your ability.

Well, it’s the exact same in the water. Intensive lessons are like a form of exposure therapy. Each time you get in the pool, you become more and more confident. With that confidence comes the ability to learn more effectively and also have more fun at the same time.

3. Faster Progress = More Motivation = Faster Progress

The beauty of intensive swimming lessons is that they yield rapid results. You can go from not being able to do butterfly, to representing the UK at the next Olympics in a couple of lessons.

Ok, that was a lie. Just making sure you are still listening.

But seriously, you can make visible progress in a short space of time. That’s something that is quite hard to achieve with traditional lessons – especially once you are beyond the beginner stage.

Making rapid progress is great for busting you out of a rut and boosting your motivation to reach your swimming potential. This creates an upward cycle where you’re excited to get better, so you swim more, which in turn causes you to get even better.

How To Choose An Excellent Swimming School

Ok, so you’re sold on the idea of intensive swimming lessons. Great!

All that’s left to do is stick ‘Intensive swimming lessons near me’ into google, pick the top result and you’re good to go, right?

Wrong! Because not all swimming schools are equal. Here’s how to sort the wheat from the chaff when choosing an intensive swimming lesson provider.

Decide What You Want

Right out of the gate, it’s important to select a swimming program that’s able to meet your needs. So, spend some time thinking about exactly what you want to achieve.

For example, your goal might be to focus on improving your front crawl technique as fast as possible or you might simply want to stay healthy by swimming 1-2 times per week.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of what you want, start looking for a school that can guide you towards where you want to be.

Think About Learning Styles

It’s also vital to consider how you (or your child) like to learn things. For example, do you get embarrassed easily in front of a group or do you feel more comfortable in learning with others?

When it comes to swimming lessons, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Many people thrive in a fun group while others prefer the focused feedback of private swimming lessons.

At Swim Now, we’re big proponents of one-on-one coaching precisely because it’s more adaptable than traditional group settings – a qualified coach can tailor their teaching style to help you make progress quickly.

Weigh Up The Cost & Commitment

Next up think about the costs involved and what budget you have to work with. Obviously, private swimming lessons are going to be more expensive than group lessons on a per session basis.

But when you measure them in minutes of active coaching, you’ll probably find that private lessons are actually better value overall.

If your goal is to actually learn to swim as fast as possible, group lessons might cost you seemingly higher upfront investment associated with private lessons.

If you’re working with a tight budget, group lessons are great, but intensive swimming lessons conducted one-on-one with a coach will get you superior results in much less time.

Flexibility & Schedule

Once you’ve got a budget and your goals decided, the next thing is to choose a swimming school that fits in with your schedule. One of the biggest reasons why aspiring swimmers fail to achieve either goal is because life gets in the way.

Again, private lessons tend to offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling (not to mention better continuity if you miss a lesson) but if you can find a group lesson that slots into your routine well, then, that can be a great option too.

The main thing is that your lessons don’t coincide with, for example, the time you’re coming home tired from work and feel like nothing other than collapsing into a heap on the couch.

Visit Swim Lesson Providers

With the above criteria considered, you should now be able to build a shortlist of the best swimming lesson providers in your area. But it’s always wise to visit potential lesson providers to see if they’ll be a good fit.

Pay attention to how the instructors are interacting with the students – is the coaching constructive, enthusiastic and attentive or lacklustre and uninspiring?

Here are a few questions to have ready to ask any staff you meet:

Do your instructors hold valid certifications from recognised bodies such as Swim England or the RLSS?

  • What’s the typical student to teacher ratio?
  • Are your instructors CPR trained?
  • What temperature is your pool kept at?
  • Do instructors have experience with babies/adult learners/teenagers etc.?

Asking such questions will help you discover which swimming lesson providers that are a cut above the rest.

How Can I Find Intensive Swimming Lessons Near Me?

Finding good intensive swimming lessons near you can be harder than it seems. The criteria we’ve laid out above will help you find solid providers. But if you’d rather not have to spend time and energy searching, there is another solution: try Swim Now!

We currently operate in multiple locations across the UK and you can be sure that when you sign up to learn with us that you’re choosing a quality provider.

Here’s where you’ll find us:


So, if you’re interested, skip googling “intensive swimming lessons near me” and instead call your nearest location for a chat about how we can surpass your swimming goals in the fastest way possible.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

by Alistair Mills

In 2016 I saw an opportunity for a new swimming company that did things a little bit differently and here we are almost 4 years later, having built a family of teachers and clients that we are all really proud of.

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