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How to Improve Your Swimming with Positive Attitude?

A Power Mindset

So, you’ve already done the hard part and started your journey of self-improvement. Now, how can you get the most out of your swimming lessons? The answer; you require the power of positive thinking and an open mind. You will be amazed at the power of a positive mindset and the effects it can have on learning to swim. Positivity will enable you to try things that you never thought possible, you will be amazed at the outcomes and what you can achieve, if you first believe.

Positive Attitude with Swimming

Why is Positive Thinking So Important for Learning to Swim?

Positive thinking helps us to increase our energy levels and overcome challenges. As human beings, we transmit positive feelings to ourselves and those around us, we can alter our physiology and stand a little taller, have belief in our own abilities and exert confidence. Negativity on the hand can be very draining, leading to irrational feelings and behaviours. A negative mindset is a sure fire route to disappointment, or in our case, a poor swimming lesson.

Being aware of the little thoughts that pop into our head is essential for keeping a positive mindset, the fact that we can control our own feelings by deciding which thoughts to act upon is powerful. Next time you step into a challenging situation, be aware of your thoughts, think positive and see if you can change the outcome. Most importantly, remember, positivity is a choice.

Are Negative Thoughts Consuming You and Slowing Your Progress?

Think back to your last swimming lesson. How many times did you shake your head, get angry with yourself and feel frustrated saying ‘I just can’t do that’? As teachers we see this type of behaviour all the time and our job is to reverse the psychology and breed positive energy. Remember in any challenge whether it’s learning to drive or learning to swim, you will most likely fail numerous times before you succeed. Every failure is one step closer to success.

As a beginner swimmer imagine yourself as a toddler learning to walk. You are in a brand new environment and you lack balance co-ordination and skill. The only way you can become more steady on your feet is to fall down time and time again. Will a toddler try to walk a few times then stop and give up, thinking ‘this walking thing really isn’t for me’? – No, a toddler will fall down a thousand times and get back up again until they have the skills to walk. The same principles apply to adults, when learning to swim. Prepare yourself for many failures before you succeed and keep a positive mindset.

The Power of Self-Talk

Many people don’t notice negative thoughts, it can be hard to recognise. But learning to understand your internal dialogue is the most important factor to achieving a positive outcome in any challenge. Once you learn to recognise your thoughts, you have the power to change them. You can start replacing these negative thoughts or words for something more positive.

Next time you’re in a challenging situation try some positive self-talk, say something like ‘I can do this’ or ‘stay calm, stay strong’ feel your energy levels change and enjoy the outcome.

Top Tips for Changing Mindset

Positive thinking benefits

These few tips will allow you to start your swimming lesson positively:

  • Visualise your outcome- What does your favourable outcome look like, how does it feel, what does it look like?
  • Use positive affirmations- Before each attempt, say to yourself ‘I can, I will’ and ‘Yes’
  • Don’t expect amazing results- Set your sights low, small daily improvements will lead to large overall gains.
  • Smile! – Positivity will follow.

Persistence is the Key

We recommend books and YouTube videos on positive mindset and personal development, coupled with plenty of practice on your personal challenge. Combined together these tools could help you achieve your full potential.

It can be hard sometimes to develop a positive outlook, especially if you have fear. By practicing the quick tips above, you can start to impact your thoughts in a positive way. Surrounding yourself with positive people and good information will give you the tools to achieve.

If you would like to read more on positive thinking and swimming, my favourite books are ‘No Limits: The Will to Succeed – Michael Phelps’ and ‘The Champion’s Mind – Jim Afremow’.

If you would like to read more on positive thinking and swimming, my favourite books are ‘No Limits: The Will to Succeed – Michael Phelps’ and ‘The Champion’s Mind – Jim Afremow’.

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